Opinion City – Legit or Scam?

A Quick Look at Opinion City’s Website

Looking at the Opinion City website, it is clear that there has been a decent amount of work put into creating the website. Elements are arranged in an orderly manner and users have the opportunity of accessing the different offers without hassle. The details to each of the sections are also quite elaborate and the website is well-designed in overall. Beyond the design, however, lies some key issues that must be addressed.

Unraveling the Website

At its core, Opinion City claims that it is basically a website that acts as an axis where users access links to websites that actually pay. The website asserts that the websites it features are legit and that they are the best in the industry. Going by the persuasive language used pertaining these websites, the user gets the impression that the opportunities presented here are one-of-a-kind. The surveys on the website are arranged from those with the highest earning potential down to the lowest. But this is where the great news about the website unfortunately ends.On the downside, it is disappointing to see that there is no real information about the website’s staff. The only member of the team that is shown to users is Alyssa, whose photograph is unfortunately generic and not even her own. In addition to that, the company seems to be just using its signed up users to make money from the website it has listed. While that is not particularly an issue since the surveys are by themselves

A Quick Analysis of Its Shortcomings

Opinion City has many legitimate surveys listed on their website. The problem, however, is that some of the top paid surveys can only be accessed when you have signed up for the platform. Signing up means that you have to surrender personal information like the name and your email address. It is only after doing so that you can access the dashboard. The first look at the dashboard reveals all the key things wrong with this platform.

First, despite its pre-signup flowery language, most of the surveys that have been listed on their website are not much different from what you can generally find on other websites. In fact, the payment for most surveys can be considered as just average. There is also the apparent manipulation of data such that the surveys appear to be limited when it is not the case. All other websites that offer paid surveys barely use this tactic as surveys are never really short in supply.

Some of the opportunities offered on particular tabs are also simply a sham. You get to pay some money but still fail to recoup any meaningful benefits from your investment. They do not lead to any meaningful opportunity and they are simply junk. For users who will stick to just doing surveys though, there are genuine earnings to be made.

legit, its mode of operation is what raises concerns.

Opinion City Conclusion

Opinion City as a website is not particularly a scam. The various surveys listed on the platform are legit and the website largely manages to match up to its claims. A number of the programs found on the website are nevertheless a sham and not exactly as they are presented to be. It is thus important to be wary of making any investments with hopes of reaping huge benefits. However, users will definitely need to be cautious in regard to what links they choose to follow. For anyone who wants a straightforward non-complicated opportunity, it is probably a great idea if you were to join this website.