Scam list of Telegram crypto-coin generating bots (Wall of Shame)

Scam list of Telegram crypto-coin generating bots (Wall of Shame)

As we all were exposed to false and fraudulent Telegram bots at some point, I decided making another list with the known and tested scam Telegram bots so everyone can avoid and don’t waste his time trying them out again, the list will always be checked and updated regularly.

1. Canada Bitcoin Mining Bot:

Was one of the most famous and trustworthy bots for a long period, actually it was taken as example that some Telegram bots are actually paying ( check out the verified list here ), but at February 2019 the bot has turned rouge and deleted its account, so if you search for the bot today you will not actually be able to find it on Telegram anymore .

2. Eu Btc Mining bot:

This bot was known to be scamming for a long time, although it’s still running till now but it just won’t pay any of his workers, nor even reply their support requests, you should completely avoid this bot if you value your time and money.

Although there are many scamming bots but you will not find them all here at the moment, as we test every bot before giving out any evaluation to give our readers the essence of our experience without having him suffer with every new bot separately.


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